The Credo Podcast Project

CREDO ˈkrēdō,ˈkrādō/ noun  a statement of the beliefs or aims that guide someone's actions

In this project, the students explored a central theme in human societies:
the plurality of religious, spiritual and moral codes that guide each of us.

Spring 2014 

Anna & Mason explore people's beliefs about the creation of the universe and if there is someone or something controlling the universe.

Kamli, Alex & Danny explore people's core beliefs from around the world, whether they believe in a god or higher spirit, and how their life experiences have affected their core beliefs.

Henry, Kate & Zelda explore the core beliefs of Catholicism, Buddhism & Islam.

Amira, Ceile & Max explore the personal codes that guide people's actions.

Sean, Will & Darien go deep with two people who hold different religious beliefs, asking them how religion has affected their lives.

Jill & Ryan explore origin stories, religious beliefs, and personal standards.

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